All Fims Currently Avalable. This list all the films in one place.

This is the best place to start  as all the films are listed.  Many of the films are listed under more than one type  The best way is to look under  the various  headings for what appeals to you. If you want to  study a particular film order the appropriate title from the list. 

The same film title may appear in more than one disc. Normally it is thae same film but it may be transferred at a diffent time and in front of a different audience.   

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At the moment the best e-mail to contact us on is . You will usually get a specific personal reply often within 24 hours. if you send your order to the email first we can check that the films are available dfor transfer  before invoicing you. 

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The films are typically listed under one or more apprepraiate headings as  for example a film on tipping lorries may feature andother make of loading shovel  loading it.  

Agriculture British

Specifically British Agriculture. 

Agricultral Engineering

Tractors and agricultural engineering. These cover a range of titles but typically they are sales films for a specific machine or range of machinery, other films concentrate on a particular tuype of farming.

Construction Equipment

One popular type is to feature a contract in its entirity. These form  usful films when tedering for similar jobs on the future.  Other concentrate on a particular machine  while others concentrate on getting the best from  a particular machine other films feature a differet technique for buiding or construction work usually resulting in a better or quicker  job.

Inland waterways

Inland waterways

Categories can contain subcategories.

Random Selection

This catches all films we cannot sort anywhere else! 


Mostly under Marine Civilan Shipping Salt Water 

Marine Civilian Shipping Salt Water

All types of shipping are covered from dinghys to full size maring targets 

Military Army and war like films

Military films typically concentrate on a particular machine or equipment  and normally concentrate on the getting it right during training  so when the job is done under fire  it is done right first time. There are also films which also recounts history of a particular campaign. 

Civil Aviation films

 Again many films concentrate on a a particular plane or techniqe eg formation flying. There are also films showing history of flying


With railways they can be either general films, encoraging passengers to take the train, or study  of a paticular engine or techniqe



Social Propaganda

These are often made to encorage a chage in behaviour. Many of these films are set against a particular industry so they may be listed  under more than one industry.

Road Transport. Lorries, Trucks, Buses and Coaches

These cover all types of road transport including cars lorries buses  and there are penty of titles to choose from

Lorries or Trucks Featured

As well as complete vehicles it als include copnents that build up to make a lorry. 

Cars 1948 to 1990

As well as films we also hacve quite a lot on service information as well 

American and similar Cars

We have put them in a seperate category as well .

Stationary Engines

Surpisingly there are some films on this topic 


Films particularly show a particulary

Steam Topics

This cover both Moving and stationary steam  The is not a lot as 16mm camera were not invented until many types of steam were not seen as a coming thing. 

Fire and Firefighting

Fire precautions and Fire Fighting  vary aroud the world so so do the films 

Canadian Films

There are quite a number of Canadian Films probably because they were ealy into films 

American Films

Plenty of American films as wewll. 

Motor Sport

Plenty of films as they were made forClub meetings  


They made so many they had a separate category. 

Magazines both for sale and to consult

To complement the films we have collected over the years quite a lot of magazines As a result we have quite on lot of duplicates to sell while other magazines can be consulted on your behalf.

Safety Films

They were bascally made to for a partcular industry and now apart from the bloodshed  (all done with make up)  they often form an interesting insight to a certain type of favctory. 

Magazines for Sale

They often form a pool of knowlege 

Compilations of more than one film on the same dvd

If you can choose a DVD with more than one film you want to see  then this makes a saving.  

Leaflets particularly Agricutural and Road Transport

Again a unseful source of information 


The right book can hold a lot of information 

We have books both for sale and to consult. 

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If in doubt you can always try

Jim Wilkie  on 01454 313305 

If he is there he will answer  failing that leave a message and he will contact you. 

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The important thing  is that you are satisfied with your purchase. Until YOU are satisfied we are not either. 

Privacy policy

All detail recorded are for our benefit  and are not shared with anyone else

Right of withdrawal

By ringing or emailing first you can madify your order. If you are not happy with the discs you obviously do not have to pay. 

Equally if you dont pay we would be reluctant to supply any more discs to you  which seenms fair,.  

Military Aviation RAF and others

We have acumulated a large collection of obsolete films.  The easiest way to see a particular film is to reqest a copy from us. We will make it and then  have got it to keep. Quality is often not as good as a commercial trasfer but in most coses nobody has ever made one of that film. Hence a Dusbin Film DVD is way ahead of never having seen it. 

Naval and Royal Marine Films

AS with Military Films 

Promotional products

While the discs are all the same price the contents can vary from a single rare short blask and white silent film to up to 2 hours and perhaps 8 films.  They are all the same price £9.50 for one or two and 6£6.00 if you order 5 or more . UK postege is Free outside UK add £2 pe disc  for paostage.