Appleford "Races" early traction engines

Product no.: 0197


 Two steam engine enthusiasts were  arguing about the relative performances of their respective engines  in 1950 this led to a private contest between the two engines.. This eccentric idea caught people imagination and crowds flocked to what became an annual event. . As such Appleford could claim to be the birthplace of the steam rallies that are so popular today.  Rallies at Appleford ceased in 1970 but “Old Times” the original winner is still in preservation today and is a popular exhibit at rallies. . If you have been to a modern rally you will notice some differences  from these races.  Racing is no longer permitted. Greater precautions are taken to protect the public from the exhibits.  Bookmakers have not found it worth attending for many years. .  The Two reports are from different sources  but both were made in the early 1950s  but from the weather in different years.  Any suggestions for a specific year would be welcome.


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