Steam Raiway Films Bits

Steam Raiway Films Bits

Product no.: 0206


The label on the reel simply said “steam engines”   When the reel was screened in front of a knowledgeable audience  it turned out to comprise three black and white steam railway films. How we all wished the films had sound as well!

 This fragment was a compilation of just over 5 minutes but is crammed with interesting locomotives .  As the scenes appear in no logical order it may even comprise outtakes from a commercially made  film. . No doubt in time researcher will be able to amplify these preliminary notes.

First came a compilation featuring many of the locomotives small boys used to read about. A round nosed streamline engine at full speed. Gaxelle being handed over by the Army  for preservation.    1975  Exhibits moving by rail from the old Clapham Museum to York.  The formal opening of York Railway Museum by the Duke of Edinburgh by the featured many well known railway engines. Replica of “Locomotion” in steam at Shildon  excepts from a parade of 1925   4498  Evening Star  naming ceremony ,  To pack all this into 8 minutes means some of the shots were pretty brief.   ( Note many of the engines seen still survive in York Railway Museum.) 


Engines seen include Gazelle from Longmoor Military Railway  on Scammell  transporter  at one time claimed to be the oldest t operational loco.


Rake of old locos at Kensington Olympia  Thought to be Clapham Museum exhibits being moved to York Museum . Some Sheeted on wellbase wagons but many on their own wheels marshalled into a train..

Loco numbers quoted are those carried and visible on the film.

A loco rondhouse presumably York Museum 

Prince Philip Opening Museum at York

 A line up of steam locos on a siding is tgis the reserve collection or locos awaiting scrapping?

 Cutting up a locomotive inside a big shed.

Atlantic Coast Express  3502 cutaway sectioned

Early Uniforms

Display of Engine Name Plates

Green Arrow 4771  in steam Duke of Edinburgh on footplate for short movement Duke at controls? 

Locomotion (replica?) in steam. Possibly these are exhibits in steam for the opening .

No 54 Preceded by rider on horseback with warning flag.

Unidentified very early loco with inclined rear cylinders

Unidentified single wheeler

 2395big articulated Beyer Garrett LNER

LMS 4767

LNER 2005

GWR 0-6-0 Tank  ?752

Cookham Manor

NER 246

GWR 7752

Cookhan Manor

4771 Green Arrow non streamlined Pacific

4772 ?NR No 1 Single wheeler 


4774 4498  LNER  streamlined  but with a previous show of a streamliner at speed.

4775 Evening Star  being named.

4776 Prototype 125 set

4777 4472 at speed


Schools Film on Steam Railway  Opens with 4493  explains principle of early  condensing steam engine

Show Watts modification  on to very early locomotive layouts  and how eventually this led to the powerful locomotives of the 1930s  the powerful A4s.


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