Victoria Line Underground (Part of Construction)

Victoria Line Underground (Part of Construction)

Product no.: 0261

If you are going to build an underground railway line you need to dig tunnels lots of them.   In the 1960s the Victoria Line was the last big construction  in London.

                  Few of us can image how it is done. If you were one of the elite band of tunnellers  you will find this film an interesting reminder.  This remarkable film explains the principles  of the tunnelling shields or machines before  going underground to see what is involved.

  Just as important are the production of the Segments which will support the tunnel and prevent it  collapsing.   No doubt this project provided useful experience  for the later Channel Tunnel. Seeing this film would provide any traveller on the Victoria Line with fund of interesting conversation to impress fellow passengers with.  Colour 25 minutes.   


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