All the Kings Men Uniformed staff doing Jobs associated with the King George V1

All the Kings Men Uniformed staff doing Jobs associated with the King George V1

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Made in the late 1940s soon after the end of the Second World War . I suspect it was made a general interest documentary rather than to promote  any particular viewpoint unless it was loyalty to King George VIth  Lionel Marson  introduces this film Starts with pretend line up of children.  Changing of the Guard in Khaki   Guards Depot at Caterham   showing a new recruit new recruit and basic training  use of metronome and pace stick. . Royal Military Academy Sandhurst  Officer training course.  15cwt Bedford MWs only glimpsed  fencing boxing  rope exercise (assault course) ,  jeep jumping leaving a jeep at speed and rolling like a parachutist ,  slow marching,  (apparently this was a good way of detecting a drunk soldier!) 

Cranwell RAF training, mainly marching.   RAF Apprentice training at Halton Bucks  including their mascot goat eating a cigarette.  Surprisingly there is no mention of the Royal Navy. Instead of moving on to the Services in action  the film continues with more unusual occupations  of Kings Men starting at The Tower of London  Traitors Gate and Tower Warders (Beefeaters) . Parade on Tower Green  Governors inspection.  Church Parade,  Ceremony of the Keys  finishing with Last Post at 10pm.    St James Palace  Yeomen of the Guard..  Marching to the Maundy Service.   Chorister Students of the Chapel Royal. .  Royal Bargemaster and  Swan Keeper  with film of Swan Upping. ( Rowing up the River Thames to Henley marking the cygnets  to show whether they are the King’s.  A marked cygnet becomes a “bird royal.”)

Royal Tournament  1949? at Olympia  gymnastic display and the Naval Field Gun Race, (The only Royal Navy content)  Parade of the “Toy Soldiers”,

Windsor Castle  Parade of the Scots Guards  inspected by Duke of Gloucester.

Royal Hospital Chelsea includes a view of the Pensioner/s allotments

The film finishes with Trooping of the Colour. But with all soldiers in khaki.  The salute is taken by King George VIth with Princess Elizabeth also mounted.

   Of particular interest  to anybody who started a Service career around 1950  or to a military historian , or even if you are interested in old traditions or want to get a flavour of the 1ate 1940s  Black and White  30 minutes  with Sound  


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