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              Sugar Cane production in West Indies  A rather patronising film suggesting the workers are happy working on the cane farms . Considerable investment needed in land clearance  deep cultivation and big disc harrows.  Extensive irrigation  is needed  to aid growth. Loading of cut cane is by hand  on to carts  early mechanical loader seen. Railbourne deliveries..


              Processes  inside the factory extract the juice to be purified before being evaporated  leaing molasses and sugar. The semi refined sugar is loaded on to Big Bedford tippers  for transport to lighters hauled by tug   for transport to the bulk carrier Crystal Gem a specialist transporter ship to take 9000 tons to London.


Moored alongside the refinery the cargo is discharged  from Sugar Producer  in 70cwt grabs ful for quicker turnaround.. Sometimes beet sugar is added to the stock.. The refining process starts  with mixing and centrifuging . Stage by stage the process continues  until purified mass goes into the granulator  leaving as granulated sugar for the bagging plant.. Other sugar is made into cubes, golden syrup, or other sugar products.


13 tone bulk containers as well as export sales in paper sacks . The 500 Pease Transport lorries deliver to customers or from depots like the one at Tavistock . Lots of transport featured.  From Foden 8 wheelers to Thames box vans  supplying individual grocers. . 


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