Cattle in the Corn Belt USA

Cattle in the Corn Belt USA

Product no.: 0385

         Opening with shots of the big stockyards where cattle are brought in to be selected slaughtered graded and cut up  the film moves back to see where this cattle originate from .


First to the massive ranches of Wyoming where cowboys still tend the big herds of breeding cattle. . At about 6 months the cattle are cu out and shipped by rail to Idaho and surround States where progressive farmers like the Olsens of Marshalltown grow grain soya beans and grain to fatten up both cattle and hogs.  It is explained that cattle and hogs are cheaper to ship than crops.


 The film does include some steam hauled railway sequences.  We know they are progressive as they have a radio rigged up on one of the tractors. The Olsen farm fattens some one hundred head  plus a Hereford being reared by young Bob Olsen to exhibit at the County Fair.  The film ends abruptly but it is clear from the commentary that the cattle will be heading for the stockyards when ready.  From Clues the film appears to date from the early 1950s  20mins Black and White.


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