Post Office Telegraph Boys Counter Staff Detector Vans Careers

Post Office Telegraph Boys Counter Staff Detector Vans Careers

Product no.: 0526

       Peter West  looks at the Post Office as a career. Presumably this was made to provide careers advice for school leavers in the 1970s.

   Though to be partly filmed in Eastbourne   young postmen start as Telegraph boys.   Standing by on their BSA Bantams motorbikes ready to rush off with telegrams. Postmen throwing up (sorting ) their delivery round and setting them in to sort them in delivery order. Then follows the postman on his round. This appears to be an almost  un mechanised office so plenty of staff were needed .

 The other role is as a telegraph and postal officer. (counter clerks) . This comes with interesting views behind  the counter looking out rather than looking in. At the time the film was made an 18 year old postman was on just over £5 a week. Another grade featured is   Writing Duties. Involving locating a pillar box or auditing a  village sub Post Office  or going out in a Television detector van  an Austin A60  estate car following up unlicensed sets.

Its an interesting thought but if you had followed his careers advice when the film first came out by now  you would be retired. You will know how closely your career matched the film’s predictions. Some of scenes and equipment shown will bring back  memories whether of not you actually joined the Post Office. .

30 minutes Black and White  


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