Tug Sydney Australia

Tug Sydney Australia

Product no.: 0576

Tug in Sydney Harbour.


In this Australian film the Captain of the steam tug Himma  shows a youngster round Sydney Harbour


a brief sequence in the engine room  (850 hp triple expansion stea plant )  and the harbour side facilities. Includes sequence of the liner Orsova. being towed out of harbour .  Tanker unloading .  Shipbuilding and launching   of  ???Australia,  and a  Japanese  freighter bring the first of the cars to Australia one at a time  Wheat being loaded for export.  Raw sugar being unloaded.


The Sailing Ship Endeavour. Fron England   Coastal shipping,  Ferry between Mainland and Tasmania. Early examples of containerisation, loading wool in slings, Chain dredger, Fire float  with all pumps and hydrofoil, unloading logs into the sea. a crane off the side of a lod loader  Bales of wool being slung.  Trench dredgers. Hydrofoil ferry at  high speed . A fascinating film for a shipping enthusiast   Released in 1967  !5 min Colour


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