Dangers lurks Firemen assist

Dangers lurks Firemen assist

Product no.: 0666


       Starts with sequence of firemen training both load and under smoke logged conditions. Drill is shown by  the West Midlands fire service,  Include tackling a fire by blowing bubbles. Once the foam in inserted the  firemen  is totally unaware of their surrounding.  background.

With this background of drill and training firemen can tackle dangerous conditions.  Family has a dangers they are not aware of.  Originally made as a safety film for a regional TV station. Faulty plug  and then all sorts of danger in the kitchen. Various types of accident are shown in the home and in everyday life. Cycling with different dangers. Another son try to drown himself in the local quarry. Speeded sequences  of training at the end. 


The theme there is that like fireman the people need training to make them safety conscious/.

Mid 1970s  ATV> 19 Minutes  


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