4 of Stop Look and Listen Films

4 of Stop Look and Listen Films

Product no.: 1022

Film 1 0092 Canals 8minutes of   canals  around Birmingham

Film 2 0591Road Repairs  The road is the Ring Road by the  Jewellery  Quarter of Birmingham. The pupils actually are taken for ride in a road roller.  Harvey Higgins

Film 3   1421 Lorry Rather hilarious just how many breakfasts the driver needs an he travels from Aschurch to the one of the Welsh docks. Via a deserted M5 .  The journey is long enough for a night out  despite a Swedish lorry.  The explanation is probably that the outfit was Midland BRS. s   CT


Film 4 0765 Crane and Bulldozers. Shorter that the others but includes craning cars on to ferries and various shot lives JCBs  Some narrated by Chris Tarrant.


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