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Product no.: 1524

0111 Priestman Lion  Dragline. Recounts history of Priestman Bros of Hull leading up to introduction of Lion Excavator with air assisted controls. Includes design , manufacture,   the testing of the machine and in work applications.. Probably the last application of traditional dragline for bulk excavation before later machines were introduced.   25 mins colour and sound film. 



0112 Doncaster By Pass. The A1 M is a road many people  now take for granted. This film records the construction of the  so called Doncaster bypass. All stages are shown from bulk earthmoving to the opening. A fascinating record of machinery used on a big contract in what seems to be around the late 1950s  unless you can offer a more accurate date

Colour Sound it runs 24 minutes.(112)



 1501 High speed Road building. A silent film of high output road building in the USA . In many cases the construction technique was to make a wind row  of material from the existing road  and mix them with cement or tar and then lay the resultant mixture  down as the upper courses of the road. . Under the right conditions you could do an awful lot of road quite quickly.  20 mins


If you like to see heavy plant of the past at work you will certainly enjoy these three films. 

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