Vanishing Sails 0453 and Tower Bridge.0454

Vanishing Sails 0453 and Tower Bridge.0454

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Film 1


        The Thames Barge was the  floating predecessor of the big lorry.  Its origins start at the Dengie Flats Maldon and Heybridge and the River Blackwater .

         This film appears to have been made just prior to the World War two . Their main role was linking the riverside premises of millers and corn merchants and delivering agricultural produce to similar installation  on the River Thames.  Thirty barges line up for the Gravesend annual Barge race  to sail out to the Mouse light ship and back. . The entry of 30 could be a good clue to the year the film was made.

Among the names briefly glimpsed are Will Everard .The unknown cameraman was afloat as well with some shots of the barges rounding the Mouse with a salute from an as yet unidentified paddle steamer.  Finishes with scenes of out of use barges deteriorating . Invaluable to anybody with more than a passing interest in Thames Barges  15mins silent  Black and White

Film 2


Made in 1948 the River Thames in the Tidal reaches still carried plenty of commercial traffic and as part of the film on Tower Bridge both rider and road traffic is featured  including an opening of the bridge of course.  The age of this silent film means some jerkiness is inevitable  but there are plenty of interesting sightings to stir memories   Black and White silent film 12 minuets

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