Three Films Banking Generating and HMS Ganges 331 332 334

Three Films Banking Generating and HMS Ganges 331 332 334

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Film 1    

         Intended to describe the day to day routine of  a Bank Manager  in a country market town  around the late  1940s. This  was filmed in a small town where the market is held in the main street with hurdles for penning  suggested to be Wendover Bucks  

· Through his eyes we  see the development of one or two of his farming customers . An enthusiastic farm worker with ambitions and aspirations,   his honeymoon was shovelling muck!  Good insight into a small mixed farm of the time.  Other customers were looking  to modernise their milking arrangements .  Several scenes in the traditional livestock market held in the street. While intentionally the location is not stated some clues suggest it could be Buckinghamshire . In a  total contrast to current banking practices the narrator stresses the importance of the manager really knowing his customer before advancing any money. I would imagine this film would raise a wry laugh from today’s bankers. . In contrast it gives an excellent insight into life in rural branch of a bank.

· A talk on increasing profits by changing to TT herds leads to  laying out money imp  involving banking . Another farmer very diffidently asks for an overdraft to but machinery    The credits imply most of the characters  are real people but the facts stated are not those that apply to them.  Harvest features very briefly a Foden tractor pulling a four wheel trailer . Black and White  20 minutes.  Date is a best guess but no mention of  wartime controls on agriculture  machinery featured suggests the early post war period. 

· 25 Minutes Black and White film 



Film 2

To cope with sudden demands for electricity the old Central Electricity  Generating Board  in the mid 1960s commissioned some Gas Turbine  stations where four Gas Turbine were linked to a single generator . While this sounds rather crude as this very short film demonstrates from the instruction to start up to full load takes only 150 seconds from pressing the start button.  This was an excellent use of a documentary film  showing something that would be very difficult to demonstrate  to interested visitors.  If you or your family happened to live within earshot of such a station  it might explain what causes the noise. At full output it would have been as noisy as two airlineers waiting for take off at full power but unlike an aircraft it did not move, but kept running until taken off load.  Colour Sound about 5 minutes long.

Films 3

Intended to show that a Seaman at the time the film was made combiners the traditional role with technical skill and training. Many different roles are demonstrated for an Able Seaman at 20 after three years service. Induction of new recruits at HMS Ganges  with some idea of what daily routine.  Colour 10 minutes.  Date of the film is unknown but I would suspect it around the early 1960s so most of those pictured would now be ashore and probably retired.  A vivid souvenir for anybody with RN Service or connections.

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