Five Films Tipper 0375 Convoy 0343 Newtreel 726 Ford 0129 Autobatics 0165

Five Films Tipper 0375 Convoy 0343 Newtreel 726 Ford 0129 Autobatics 0165

Product no.: 5129

Film 1

This  film  features heavy duty tipper trucks many of which have a driven front axle.  In Britain they found their main niche as gritter chassis  . Typical was the  modern looking forward control cab and standard seatbelts suggests we are looking. I suspect at the

successors to  the snub nosed bonneted trucks . 8mins colour


Film 2

The convoy was an important aspect of military transport. You might think it was simple just following the man in front.  In truth there was much more military skill in safeguarding both yourself and your load. An ill disciplined convoy was shown to be an easy target for attack.  The correct drill was demonstrated on what looks like the newly constructed Winchester bypass. . While it involved much standing to attention and saluting the revelation was that it was in fact a quick way to pass clear and unambiguous messages .  Historians will not the vehicles featured in the convoy are all early type vehicles most of which are still fitted with gas warning trays.

  Fascinating for anybody with an interest in British Military Vehicles or if one of your ancestors served in WW II  as a driver.  Black and While 15mins Sound. 


Film 3



Wartime Newsreel.


Female WAAF  Mechanic servicing aircraft components.


ATC preliminaries Church Parade. .


Canteen  presented to  Churchill


Parade at Gibraltar. 


Free French  station  in Scotland


Lady Brooke with her husband captures by the Japanese


Australian Life Guards  in Uniform.

Film 4



The introduction of the Basildon built range of Ford tractors marked a dramatic change  from the established Fordson Major. This film was made to demonstrate the  importance of planned maintenance for the new model range of 2000 3000 4000 and 5000 .  More than just lecturing many of the procedures are demonstrated which makes this film of particular interest to anybody lucky enough to own a Ford Tractor . The film now looks very dated as it recognises the improved models with white grilles but was made before safety cabs were required. Far more helpful  as a starting point than an instruction book although emphasis is laid on .


Film 5

Just prior to the outbreak of war Ford held a day at Brooklands. The Gymkhana was to demonstrate the roadworthiness of Ford cars. Some of the demonstrations were convincing ,other less so! For 8 10 and the V8.   



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